Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Throughout the West

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Environmental Stewardship

Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts is an ISO 14001 certified corporation. Certification signifies that rigorous processes are in place to ensure environmental compliance and to continually enhance environmental performance. Delaware North's Environmental Management System (EMS), called GreenPath, is administered at all of their facilities. The following are highlights of their programs. Items purchased by Delaware North must pass an environmental review by a local manager and a regional purchaser to ensure that products have recycled content, are biodegradable, and are minimally packaged. Formalizing this process has made green purchasing a common place business practice accepted by all staff members. Further, waste reduction is built into the design of many Delaware North programs. For example, they use carpet squares to allow easy replacement of soiled carpet with minimal waste. Recycled content products are purchased wherever possible. Their stores sell reusable canvas bags and encourage their use by offering a 10% discount thus reducing waste generated by disposable paper and plastic bags. Delaware North also has found many creative opportunities to reuse materials. They reuse table frames, carpet, Styrofoam, unsold newspapers, and compost manure and green waste (such as pine needles). Trees that pose a hazard to visitors are removed and are used in construction projects. Delaware North recycles, along with five partners, over 30 commodities and reuses over 10 commodities. Delaware North is a credit to the Department of the Interior concession program.

Accepting the Award:
Bruce Fears, President of DNC Parks and Resorts
Cindy Bower, Vice-President, Western Region, DNC Parks & Resorts, Inc.
John Huey, Director of Risk Management & Environmental Affairs, DNC Parks & Resort, Inc.
Kevin Kelly, Chief Operating Officer, DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite, Inc.
Mike Tollefson, Superintendent of Yosemite National Park

Mike Tollefson, Fran Mainella, Steven Griles, Bruce Fears, Cindy Bower, George Radanovich, John Huey, Kevin Kelly
Mike Tollefson, Fran Mainella, Steven Griles, Bruce Fears,
Cindy Bower, George Radanovich, John Huey, Kevin Kelly