Death Valley Sustainability Committee, NPS
Ainsley Holeso, Maintenance Division    
(760) 786-3241

Over one hundred tons of recyclable materials are being sorted annually from the waste stream and diverted from the local landfill in Death Valley, California, due to this partnership between NPS, DOD and a private NPS concessioner. Ainsley Holeso, Roads and Trails Supervisor at Death Valley National Park, Craig Peterson, Chief of Engineering at Death Valley’s AMFAC Parks and Resorts, and Lloyd Crabtree, Recycling Coordinator at China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station combined efforts, as the Death Valley Sustainability Committee, to create a successful model for reducing costs while increasing the rate of recycling.

Five thousand dollars in landfill fees are avoided annually through this work; however, money is not the only thing being saved. These efforts effectively extend the lifespan of the local landfill and recover valuable resources. The accomplishments of the Death Valley Sustainability Committee demonstrate the power of partnerships. Interior bureaus, private individuals, and other government agencies can support each other to achieve a mutual goal.