National Park Service
Chris Case, Chief of Maintenance, PIRO
(906) 387-2607

The Employees at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (NL) have worked for the past decade as a community of volunteers to realize the park's commitment to being an environment leader. They created a recycling program in which everyone in the local community can participate. Likewise, they have supported a community-wide used oil collection program. Solving a chronic problem, the Chief of Maintenance designed an innovative method for rebuilding a septic leach field in an ecologically sensitive area. Subsequently, he shared his design with other local, state and federal park managers by writing about it in a professional magazine. Biodegradable lubricants (made from vegetable oils) are being tested by staff in the park's marine engines to see if these bio-based oils can help prevent pollution from boating. Solar powered photovoltaic panels were installed to power park buildings, thanks to funds provided through a partnership with the Department of Energy. Pictured Rock NL employees are always ready to try something new and make the extra effort to change how they do things, if there is a way to make their operations more resource efficient and reduce their "footprint" on the Earth.