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OS FOIA Library - Contracts

Contract No. INDNBCF09128: Coastal International Security Contract for Security Guard Services for the Main Interior and South Interior Buildings in Washington, D.C.

Contract No. IND12PC00481 (RFP: D11PS18854): Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. for MFLC, CYB-MFLC and Personal Financial counseling services on behalf of the U.S. Military Departments, including the National Guard and Reserve Components

Contract No. GS-33F-Y0026: Concur Technologies Inc. for travel service transaction system at the Departament of the Interior

Portraits: Copies of the contracts awarded for official portraits of former Interior Secretaries

Contract No. IND13PC00025: Unisys Corporation for SAP Application Hosting of the Department of the Interior's Financial and Business Management System

Contract No. IND13PC00020: Autonomics Resources, LLC for cloud services

Contract No. IND13PC00021: CGI Federal for cloud services

Contract No. IND12PD70037: Forrester Research for IT Business Planning and Best Practices for Managing Outsourced IT Services

GQ Aviation, Inc. a/k/a Arctic Helicopter Company: Contracts, correspondence, invoices, e-mails, memos and billing statements or invoices with the USGS

Contract No. IND11PC20018: Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. for DARPA Strategic Technology Office Office-Wide SETA Support

Contract No. D13PA00005: Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the Department of the Interior (DOI) Office of the Secretary Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC)

RFP No. D13PS00426: Military OneSource Bridge Please provide: Value Options, Inc
Part A
Part B
Part C

Defense Contract Audit Agency interagency agreements, memoranda of understanding or functionally equivalent documents governing the furnishing of services by DCAA on a reimbursable basis. 

Contract No. GS23F9755F/Order 21360: Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. for Broadband Technology Opportunities Program - Program Development and Administrative Services

Statement of Work

Contract No. IND12PD01807: Hughes Network Systems, LLC for purchase of satellite services and support between Montezuma Pass radio site and the Federal Law Enforcement Communication Center (FLECC)

Contract No. D11PC19088: ValueOptions, Inc. for the Military OneSource Program

Standard Form 30 (modification) for International Biometric Group (DUNS 033155685) Contract No. IND11PC20116/4

Contract No. GS02F0071S/RFQ630731: Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems Corp. for Army National Guard Mission Command Training Support Program

Contract No. INM0404CT32668: National Academy of Public Administration to evaluate and recommend changes to the organizational structure and activities of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Contract No. D12PA00297: GRGX Global, Inc. for Payment Recapture Audit Firm-Fixed Recovery Fee BPA for PRA Services

Contract No. 1435-04-04-CT-74791: NMS Imaging termination for convenience.

Contract No. D11PD19004: Performance Institute for Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Inspector General facilitation Support to Update the NRC-OIG FY 2008 - 2013 Strategic Plan
Part A: Contract, proposals and related documents
Part B: Correspondence, evaluations and other documents

: Dell Services for the Army CONUS Enterprise Service Desk

Contract No. D13PA00031: Environmental Systems Research Institute for GIS Software Licensing Program Support for DOI

Contract No. D11PC19036:  CACI-WGI for J-9 Operations Research/Systems Analysis for the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)

Solicitation Number D12PS50899: Copy of the Technical Proposal submitted by Value Options (Volumes I and II)

Contract No. D13PC00024: IDIQ Contract supporting Foundation Cloud Hosting with IBM
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E
Part F
Part G
Part H
Part I
Part J
Part K
Part L
Part M
Part N

Contract No. D11PC18840: Department of Veterans Affairs FMS Support

Contract No. D14PS00262: Online Legal Research with Lexis Nexis

Contract No. D11PD18655: BAE Systems Information Solutions, Inc. for OHTA-IT Support Services

Contract No. D11PC20049: ManTech SRS Technologies, Inc. for DARPA AEO SETA support

Contract No. D13PC00028: Lockheed Martin Corp. for services supporting Foundation Cloud Hosting requirements for DOI IT Transformation efforts
Part A
Part B
Part C

Contract No. D13PC00021: CGI Federal for services supporting Foundation Cloud Hosting requirements for DOI IT Transformation efforts
Part A
Part B

Contract No. W91QUZ-07-D-0004: NCI Information Systems, Inc. for Army National Guard/Air National Guard Enterprise Processing Center Core Support

Contract No. D13PD01125: SRA International, Inc. for National Cancer Institute Information Technology Infrastructure Support Services

Contract No. F11PC00161: Tribalco, LLC Portable Radios and Accessories

Contract No. D12PD01871: Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. for Military Community and Family Policy Office for Spouse Education and Career Invoices

Contract No. D11PC20064: System Planning Corporation for DARPA

Contract No. D14PC00211: Avid LLC for Radio systems and installation for OAS fleet of Honeywell RQ-16C T-Hawk unmanned aircraft systems.

Contract No. DABT63-94-C-0017: Bold, Beranek & Newman, Inc. for ARPA BodyLAN: A Wireless, Body Local Area Network

Contracts,statements of work,and technical specifications related to the 'Robust Automatic Transcription of Speech (RATS)' program, including but not limited to DARPA-BAA-10-34:
BBN Technologies (D10OC20015),
International Business Machines Corporation (D11PC20192),
Science Applications International (10PC2008),
SRI International (D10PC20024).

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