Operating Status in the Washington, D.C. Area:
Information provided by OPM and the DOI Interior Operations Center.
Operating Status in Other Areas
Information provided by the Federal Executive Board with links to areas throughout the country.
Employee Preparedness Information
Useful links to emergency situation response websites.
Health and Safety Guidance for Avian Influenza Surveillance and Control Activities in Wild Bird Populations
Provides information related to handling birds including the need for influenza vaccinations and anti-viral medication for DOI personnel, and the need for personal protective equipment (PPE).
Reporting During Catastrophic Emergencies:  
Contact numbers and links to report your status if you cannot reach your supervisor following a disaster.
HR Flexibilities to Assist Employees During Emergency Situations
Information from the Office of Human Resources and Office of Personnel Management
Assistance for Disaster Victims:
If you or you family are victims of a declared disaster, you can visit this site to apply for assistance online.
Occupant Emergency Employee Guide:
What to do in the event of an emergency for Main Interior/South Interior Buildings.
Employee Emergency Self-Identification Form
Individuals with disabilities in the Main and South Interior Buildings who require assistance during a building emergency should submit this form to the Disability Program Manager in the Accessible Technology Center, MIB room 2070.
Employee Assistance Program:
Professional counseling and consultation for employees and dependents on a wide variety of personal issues.

ready_gov_iconVisit the Ready.gov website for emergency preparedness information, including special guidance for older Americans, people with disabilities, pet owners, and kids. more