The Emergency Management Council (EMC) is an advisory body, and provides the primary means for bureaus and offices to advise the Departmental Emergency Coordinator and to coordinate Department-wide emergency management policy and activities. The EMC is comprised of the Emergency Coordinators for each DOI bureau and office as designated within the Departmental Manual Part 900. This standing group has the responsibility for bureau/office coordination, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery associated with disaster and emergency incidents, as well as supporting the National Response Plan (NRP) and associated Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). The EMC is chaired by the Departmental Emergency Coordinator who may appoint additional ad hoc members. The EMC meets monthly and may also be convened on an emergency basis for coordination of special activities or serious emergency incidents.

Members of the Emergency Management Council include the following:

Emergency Coordinator Bureau/Office Phone Number Email Address
Lisa Branum
Departmental Emergency Coordinator (Acting)

Steven (Sid) Caesar
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Eric North Bureau of Indian Education
505 563-5118
Rodney Walker
Bureau of Land Management
202 912-7487
Jade Sodell
Bureau of Reclamation
303 445-2538
Tamara Richardson Bureau of Ocean Energy Management 202-208-3223
Terrina Harford Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement 703 787-1429
Fred Wetzel
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
703 358-2340
Roger Jones
Interior Business Center
303 969-5202
Simeon Klebaner
National Park Service
202 513-7093
James Robison Office of Inspector General 703 487-5377 JAMES_ROBISON@DOIOIG.GOV
John Holmes
Office of the Chief Information Officer
703 648-5520
Ryan Close Office of International Affairs
202 208-3004
John Mills Office of Aviation Services
208 433-5072
Joan Moody
Office of Communications
202 208-3280
Sheila Perry Office of Natural Resources Revenue
Rod Bloms
Office of Wildland Fire
Kathryn Bender Office of Acquisition and Property Management
202 254-5563
Ryan Sloan
Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
202 208-4642
Melanie Navarro Office of Financial Management
202 208-6227
Nicholas Chomycia Office of Human Resources
202 208-6107
Bob Garbe Office of Occupational Safety and Health
303 236-7128
Marina Tinitali Office of Insular Areas
202 208-5920
Jeffrey Waalkes Office of Law Enforcement and Security
202 208-6333
Kim Prendergast Office of Budget
202 208-6443
Max Brown Office of Surface Mining
202 208-2652
Leon Craig Office of the Special Trustee
202 208-6618
Larry Emanuel Solicitor 202 208-1549
Stephen Hammond U.S. Geological Survey
703 648-5033