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Billing Address Codes

A Government Printing Office (GPO) Billing Address Code (BAC) is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that identifies the agency/bureau and the unit's mailing address for billing documents for all GPO orders.

A BAC, assigned by GPO, is required when requesting printing, binding, and related services via a Standard Form 1 (SF-1), "Printing and Binding Requisition" and when placing a GPO print order on a Term Contract using form GPO-2511, "Print Order."
The BAC identifies the mailing address of the agency/bureau responsible for ordering the GPO service.

How to Establish a GPO BAC

The following BAC Series are specifically designated for Department agencies/bureaus:

  • BAC 4310:  Original Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection System

                (IPAC) BAC Series - Currently, GPO has exhausted this
                BAC range of numbers.  Please use the BAC 4313 Series.

  • BAC 4311:  BAC Series reserved solely for deposit accounts.
  • BAC 4312:  BAC Series reserved solely for GPOExpress accounts.
  • BAC 4313:  New IPAC BAC Series.
Note:  A GPOExpress account may be linked to an IPAC BAC (Series 4310/4313), a deposit account (BAC Series 4311), or established with a credit card via           BAC Series 4312.

In order for a Department agency/bureau/region/office to obtain a GPO BAC a SF-1 will need to be submitted with the following information:

  • Name of agency/bureau
  • Full mailing address of the agency/bureau requesting the BAC, including the zip code
  • Contact person, including telephone number
  • Type of GPO BAC (IPAC BAC, deposit account, or GPOExpress account)
  • For an IPAC BAC an Agency Location Code (ALC) should be furnished.  This can be acquired from your finance or budget office.
  • For a deposit account please note in the "additional information" field on the SF-1 how you wish to fund this account once established.  (If funding via IPAC BAC transfer, please include an ALC.  If funding via check, please include a check payable to the Public Printer.)

After completing the SF-1, e-mail or fax it to your bureau’s Printing Officer for review and approval.  After approval the Printing Officer will make the official request to the proper GPO office for issuing a new GPO BAC.  Once the new
GPO BAC is established, GPO Commercial Billing will contact the agency/bureau within 3 business days with the information to begin using the new GPO BAC for their printing needs.

Although the GPO service is billed through the Online Payment and Collection Process (OPAC), if your agency/bureau/region/office has had a change of address, GPO must be notified.  (Your Finance Office cannot change a GPO BAC address because they do not have access to GPO files.)  You should contact GPO's Commercial Examining and Billing Branch by:

  1. calling (202) 512-0803 or (202) 512-0197,
  2. faxing your change of address to 202.512.1410, or
  3. writing to the following address:
Government Printing Office
Commercial Examining and Billing Branch
Financial Management
North Capital and H Streets, Northwest
Washington, D.C.  20401