DOI Training Download Page

From this site you can download various training courses to be used on desktops or networks or to be copied to a CD-ROM. Please carefully read the descriptions to make sure you are downloading the correct files for your use.

The courses contained on this page are intended for employees and other
designated individuals of the U.S. Department of the Interior. If you have a DOI Learn account you are STRONGLY encouraged to complete these courses in DOI Learn so they are part of your official training transcript.

These courses are designed for Windows-based PCs and are not compatible with other operating systems.
Course downloads for operating systems other than Windows are not available. 

Courses currently available for download: 

Instructions for using the zipped files (Instructions for using the FISSA+ and Transit Benefit Intergrity Training can be found here.)

The preferred browser for these courses Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8.*  To designate IE as your default browser, open an IE window, click on Tools>Internet Options>Programs, then click on 'Make Default', then click 'OK'.  You will also need to have pop-ups enabled. you can enable pop-ups by clicking on Tools>Pop-up Blocker>Turn off Pop-up Blocker.  The files contained in each of these zipped folders can be run from a PC or burned onto a CD-R and played on a CD-ROM drive. Audio is not available on this version of the training. 

After clicking on the link, be sure to save the file to a location on your PC (DO NOT OPEN).

Once the zipped file is saved, it must be extracted. Right click on the file name and select 'Extract All'.  You can accept the default location and the files will be placed in a folder with the same name in the same location on your PC. 

From your PC, you can click the 'Launch' or 'Player' icon and follow directions to play the course.  You may see a yellow bar at the top of your screen. Click on the yellow bar and click on 'Allow Blocked Content'.  If you click on 'Launch' or 'Player' and cannot see the title of the course listed, then the file has not been properly extracted.

Please clear the cookies in your browser before beginning the course.  To clear your cookies, open IE, click on Tools>Internet Options>Delete Cookies

Ensure that you save a copy of the course completion certificate and provide the certificate to your supervisor.

Your supervisor can update your DOI Learn transcript to reflect training completions. 

If you experience any problems with the download, please contact the DOI University Help Desk at 202-208-6278 or via email at

* The FISSA+ course runs successfully on Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 27.  It is not recommended for use in Google Chrome or later versions of Internet Explorer.

Last updated 11/25/2014