SW CSC Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Southwest Climate Science Center (SW CSC) was established to facilitate 1) integration of the climate-relevant goals and science priorities of member organizations; 2) interorganizational, management-level guidance of the SW CSC climate research agenda; and 3) establishment of region-wide goals and science priorities for the SW CSC. The SAC, comprised of federal and non-federal senior-level executives from throughout the Southwest, meets annually to share information and facilitate cooperation. 

For a list of the 2011-2012 members of the Stakeholder Advisory Council, please click here.

The Stakeholder Advisory Council includes representatives from:

Federal Agencies

State Agencies

Tribal Organizations

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives




For more information about the formation of the SW CSC Stakeholder Advisory Council, please click here.



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