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Southeast Climate Science Center Science Plan Approved for Release


The Southeast Climate Science Center is pleased to announce that the CSC's Science Plan has been approved for release. The science themes described in this plan were established by partners in the southeastern conservation community to address information gaps that can inform the conservation science and resource-management needs of ecoregion conservation partnerships, such as the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). The plan identifies six science themes that frame the activities needed to achieve the objectives of the Southeast CSC:

The science products developed under these themes will provide models of future conditions, assessments of potential impacts, and tools that can be used to inform the LCCs and other partners. The information will be critical as managers anticipate and adapt to climate change. Resource managers in the Southeast are requesting this type of information, in many cases, as a result of observed climate-change effects. The Southeast CSC will support integration of science information into conservation delivery, by working with, and building the capacity of, resource managers to interpret the science in order to integrate it into their management and decision making processes.