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Strategic Plans and other key documents (Science Agendas, Workplans, Annual Reports etc.) are developed by the Climate Science Centers, with input from natural and cultural resource managers, to guide each CSC in the identification of research priorities and to ensure that these efforts address management priorities. These documents provide blueprints for how the CSCs intend to support DOI's climate strategy to address the impacts of climate change.

Alaska CSC

Strategic Plan
Annual Report 2012-2013 
Annual Report 2011-2012 
Annual Report 2010-2011
Pacific Islands CSC

North Central CSC

2013 Annual Report
South Central CSC

Northeast CSC

Southeast CSC

Northwest CSC

Southwest CSC

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Many of the CSC University Consortia develop and maintain websites, in addition to the federal CSC websites, to highlight CSC news, events, projects, and related information. 
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