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Partners of the North Central CSC

The North Central CSC is designed to encourage, facilitate, and participate in cooperative action to address climate adaptation science needs across the entire North Central region. The NC CSC will primarily, but not exclusively, rely upon priorities identified by its Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and coordinate and integrate scientific activities among its University Consortium, USGS Centers in the region, and other relevant public and private science entities.

University Consortium Members

University Name

Primary Contact

Alternate Contact(s)

Colorado State University (host institution)

Dennis Ojima

Nolan Doesken

Ken Wilson

Colorado School of Mines

Reed Maxwell

University of Colorado-Boulder

Kristen Averyt

Eric Gordon

Iowa State University

Diane Debinski

Kansas State University

John Briggs

John Blair

Montana State University

Cathy Whitlock

Jordy Hendrikx

Todd Kipfer

University of Montana

Ric Hauer

Steve Running

Solomon Dobrowski

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bob Oglesby

Clint Rowe

University of Wyoming

Bill Lauenroth

Indy Burke

Bart Geerts

Jill Lovato

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Affiliation Name e-mail
USGS Regional Office
Warren Day
LCC: Plains and Prairie Potholes
Rick Nelson (coordinator)
Mike Olson (science coordinator)
LCC: Great Northern
Yvette Converse (coordinator)
Sean Finn and Rick Sodja (science coordinators),
LCC: Great Plains
Heather Whitlaw (coordinator)
James Broska (science coordinators)
LCC: Southern Rockies
Kevin Johnson (coordinator)
John Rice (science coordinator)
Bureau of Land Management
Katherine Kitchell
Bureau of Reclamation
Gary Davis
Corps of Engineers
Brad Thompson
Dept. of Energy, National Renewable Energy Lab.
Chuck Kutscher
Environmental Protection Agency
Laura Farris
Fish and Wildlife Service
Steve Torbit
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Robin Webb
National Park Service
Tammy Whittington
Tribal Representative(s)
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, Bill Schumacher 
Northern Arapaho Tribe, Gary Collins
USDA Agricultural Research Service
USDA Forest Service
Alison Hill
(ex officio) National Center for Atmospheric Research
Lawrence Buja
(ex officio) University Consortium
Dennis Ojima
(cc) FWS, Asst. Regional Director, Science Apps.
Dana Roth

USGS Centers within the North Central Domain

USGS Center
Name e-mail
Columbia Environmental Research Center
Rip Shively (director)
Mark Wildhaber (lead contact)
Earth Resource Observation and Science Center
Frank Kelly (director)
James Vogelman (lead contact)
Fort Collins Science Center
David Hamilton (director)
Cathy Thomas, Zach Bowen (lead contacts),
Geology and Environmental Change Science Center
Buddy Schweig (director)
Geosciences and Climate Change Science Center
Thomas DiNardo (director)
Todd Haubaker (lead contact)
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Robert Gleason (director)
Max Post van der Burg (lead contact)
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
Jeff Kershner (director)
Rick Sodja (lead contact)
USGS National Research Program
Don Campbell (Central Region Branch Chief)
Lauren Hay (lead contact)
Water Science Center, Colorado
Susan Paschke
Water Science Center, Iowa
Kevin Richards
Water Science Center, Kansas
Andrew Ziegler
Water Science Center, Minnesota
James Stark
Water Science Center, Missouri
Michael Slifer
Water Science Center, Montana
John Kilpatrick
Water Science Center, Nebraska
Robert Swanson
Water Science Center, North Dakota
Gregg Wiche
Water Science Center, South Dakota
Mark Anderson
Water Science Center, Wyoming
David Mott
USGS Cooperative Research Units
Kevin Whalen (CRU contact)