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Interior Announces New 2013 Research Projects at the North Central Climate Science Center


Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the North Central CSC is awarding just over $1 million to universities and other partners for research to guide resource managers in planning how to help species and ecosystems adapt to climate change.
The funded projects include one project building on the foundational science areas of the center, three decision-based studies and one providing capacity building support in the region; all will focus on how climate change will affect natural resources and how management actions can be taken to help offset such change.

The NC CSC's foundational science areas include physical climate, ecological impacts, and adaptation and mitigation strategies. Collectively they providing information needed by regional resource managers to better understand potential impacts and adaptation strategies for a broad range of natural, cultural, energy and other resource-management activities.

The three decision-base projects include:

The capacity building funding will support a tribal workshop on the nexus between climate change and renewable energy, a major development focus for several tribes in the region. It will also support observations of changing phenology (timing of life-history events for plants and animals). This will include up to three tribal college interns observing and recording the phenology of culturally significant plants as well as the deployment of nine "phenocams" (as part of the larger national phenocam program). These phenocams will be deployed in conjunction with USGS’s AmericaView program.

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