Tribal Relations Advisor Bios

Meet the Land Buy-Back Program Advisors Dedicated to Tribal Relations

The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations (Buy-Back Program) will work closely with tribes to efficiently and effectively achieve tribal land consolidation goals. It is critical that the Buy-Back Program and tribal leaders work together to ensure that landowners are made aware of the opportunity to sell their interests for the benefit of tribal communities.

We have a small team of advisors dedicated to tribal relations who are committed to working closely and collaboratively with tribal governments to guide implementation on each reservation in accordance with a location's unique needs and priorities:

Genevieve L. Giaccardo, also known as "GG," came to the Department of the Interior two years ago after having worked in Indian Country for more than 15 years. Her services to tribes and other American Indian organizations primarily focused on comprehensive planning, where she emphasized consensus building and culturally relevant strategies to address key issues, such as education, economic development, and land-use. She began her federal career in the immediate office of the Principal Deputy Special Trustee, within the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST). Ms. Giaccardo has a Bachelor of Arts in English (Professional Writing) from the University of New Mexico, and a Masters of Community and Regional Planning from the University's School of Architecture and Planning. She is a member of the Pueblo of San Felipe in New Mexico.

Contact Genevieve:, (202) 208-1541

Katherin (Katy) Grounds spent more than two years as an attorney with the Navajo Nation prior to joining the Buy-Back Program. As counsel in the Navajo Nation Department of Justice's Natural Resources Unit, Ms. Grounds provided legal advice and representation to the Departments of Minerals, Land, Agriculture, Parks & Recreation, and the Abandoned Mine Lands Program. Prior to that, she served in the Office of Legislative Counsel. Ms. Grounds completed a Bachelor of Arts at Dartmouth College and holds a Juris Doctor, as well as a certificate in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy, from the University of Arizona College of Law. Ms. Grounds is a member of the Navajo Nation and a descendant of the Yuchi-Creek and Seminole Tribes.

Contact Katherin:, (202) 208-2632

Santee Lewis joined the Buy-Back Program following the dual completion of a Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law and a Masters of Business Administration from the University’s School of Management. Her previous legal experience includes clerking for the Native American Rights Fund and the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Solicitor, Southwest Region. Ms. Lewis spent years serving as an auditor focused on Indian trust issues and compliance at organizations such as Chickasaw Nation Industries, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, and for Navajo Nation. Ms. Lewis is a member of the Navajo Nation.

Contact Santee:, (202) 208-4273

Anthony (Morgan) Rodman comes to the Buy-Back Program after working nearly four years at the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST), where he supported fulfillment of the federal trust responsibility, implementation of the Cobell Settlement, and work on $1 billion in Tribal Trust settlements between the federal government and tribes. Mr. Rodman has dedicated most of his career to working with tribes and tribal members, including his work on the recruitment and retention of Native American students at Harvard University and later, the University of Arizona. Mr. Rodman received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Harvard University and his Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona College of Law, where he also received his certificate in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy. Mr. Rodman is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and Osage Nation in Oklahoma.

Contact Morgan:, (202) 208-2033