Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations

Offer Deadlines Approaching

  • Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota -- June 29, 2015
  • Fort Belknap Indian Reservation -- July 18, 2015
  • Fort Peck Indian Reservation -- July 30, 2015
  • Rosebud Indian Reservation -- July 30, 2015
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation -- July 31, 2015

After a completed purchase package is received by the Buy-Back Program within the established timeframe, staff will process the payment within 60 days. When the purchase is approved, payment will be made directly to the landowner's Individual Indian Money (IIM) account.

The Buy-Back Program has purchased land to place into trust for tribes at the following reservations (click on the image below):

Current Sales Data

Purchase offers are valid for 45 calendar days from the date of the Cover Letter that is included in the Offer package provided to owners.

If you own land interests and wish to learn more about the Program or register as a willing seller, please visit our landowners' web page or contact:

The Trust Beneficiary Call Center:
+1 (888) 678-6836

If landowners have a pending offer or question about the Buy-Back Program, they can also contact the reservation's tribal staff, visit their local Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office.

For more information, visit

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Buy-Back Program Exceeds $500 Million Paid to Landowners for Voluntary Consolidation of Fractional Interests

THU, JUNE 25, 2015, 03:14 PM EST

The Buy-Back Program implements the land consolidation component of the Cobell Settlement, which provided $1.9 billion to purchase fractional interests in trust or restricted land from willing individual landowners at fair market value. Read More >

Interior Offers $230 Million for Fractional Land Interests on Tracts with Improvements at Fort Belknap and Fort Peck

MON, JUNE 8, 2015, 11:23 AM EST

Interior Deputy Secretary Michael Connor today announced that more than $230 million in purchase offers have been sent to nearly 12,000 landowners with fractional interests at the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck Indian Reservations in Montana. Read More >

Osage Nation Becomes 20th Tribe to Partner with Interior to Implement the Land Buy-Back Program

THU, MAY 28, 2015, 09:14 AM EST

Interior Deputy Secretary Michael Connor announced today that the Department has signed a cooperative agreement with the Osage Nation to implement the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations. Read More >