Table of Contents

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  1. Foreword

  2. Departmental Overview

2010 - A Year of Challenge and Success
Interior's Budget in Context
Forging an Enduring Legacy
Summary of Major Changes
Mandatory Proposals
Offsetting Collections and Fees
Department of the Interior Facts
  1. Departmental Highlights

2012 Budget Summary
Listening to America
Connecting Americans to the Great Outdoors
Conserving and Restoring America's Great Outdoors
A New Approach to Federal Land Acquisition
Renew Rivers and Other Waters of America
2012 Budget Summary
Sustainable and Renewable Energy
An Agenda for Reform
Deepwater Horizon Incident Interior's Immediate Response and Cleanup
Conventional Energy Development
2012 Budget Summary
Climate Variability Science
Adaptive Management
WaterSMART Sustain and Manage America's Resources for Tomorrow
2012 Budget Summary
Resolving Land and Water Claims
Other Water Issues
Advancing Nation-to-Nation Relationships
Protecting Indian Country
Improving Trust Land Management
Advancing Indian Education
The Secretary's Agenda
2012 Budget Summary
Managing for Results
Cutting Waste and Achieving Efficiencies
Achieving Administrative Savings
Transforming Information Technology
Budgeting for Fixed Costs
Looking Forward
  1. Bureau Highlights

  1. Appendices