Table of Contents

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  1. Foreword

  2. Departmental Overview

    • Departmental Overview
Interior Accomplishments
Major Budget Initiatives
The Numbers
A Unified Approach to Our Mission
Fixed Costs to Maintain Core Programs
Other Budget Priorities
Program Terminations and Reductions
Other Major Changes by Bureau
Mandatory Proposals
Department of the Interior Facts
Selected Performance Measures
  1. Departmental Highlights

A Vision for the Future
National Parks Centennial Initiative, The Details
Building Park Operational Capacity
Caring for America's Treasures
A 21st Century Workforce
Realizing the Full Potential of the Centennial Challenge
Fostering Historic Preservation & Heritage Tourism
Addressing 21st Century Water Challenges
Water for America, The Details
Enhancing Our Nation's Water Knowledge
Planning Our Nation's Water Future
Expanding & Conserving Supplies to Meet Increasing Demands
Great Lakes Water Availability & Use Pilot Study
The Status of Birds
The Challenges
Birds Forever Initiative, The Details
Conservation of Priority Habitat
National Wildlife Refuge System Birds Forever Initiative Projects
Conservation & Collection of Scientific Data
Bird Call to Action Outreach & Public Education
Duck Stamps
Interior's Ocean & Coastal Responsibilities
Challenges & Opportunities
Ocean & Coastal Frontiers Initiative, The Details
Expanding the Frontiers of Scientific Information
Marine Debris & Coral Reefs
Improving Ocean & Coastal Resources through Collaboration & Partnerships
Ocean Research Priorities Plan
The Southwest Borderlands
Safe Borderlands Initiative, The Details
  • Healthy Lands Initiative
    Healthy Lands Initiative, The Details
    Managing Public Lands, 21st Century Challenges
    The National Landscape Conservation System
  • Achieving Key Goals
    Safe Indian Communities
    Improving Indian Education
    Advancing Cooperative Conservation
    Enhancing Energy Security
    Climate Change
    Healthy Forests Initiative
    Meeting Interior's Fiduciary Responsibilities to Indian Communities
    Enhancing Recreation on Public Lands
    Promoting Volunteerism in America
    Maintaining a Legacy of Management Excellence
  1. Bureau Highlights

  1. Appendices