Table of Contents

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  1. Foreword

  2. Departmental Overview

    • Budget Overview for 2005
The Numbers
Supporting the Department's Mission
Major Initiatives in the 2005 Budget
Other Major Changes (By Bureau)
  1. Departmental Highlights

Reclaiming Abandoned Coal Mines
Landscape and Watershed Restoration
Cooperative Conservation Initiative
Cooperative Conservation Grant Programs
Maintaining parts and Preserving Heritage
Departmental Monitoring Programs
Sustaining Biological Communities
Water Delivery
Timber Management
Energy and Minerals
Full Funding of the LWCF
Park Visitation
Recreation One-Stop
Recreational Fee Program
Volunteer Programs
Fulfilling Trust Responsibilities
     -Unified Trust Budget
Servicing Tribal Communities
Protecting Lives, Resources, & Property
    -Wildland Fire
    -Law Enforcement
Science for Communities
  1. Bureau Highlights

  1. Appendices