The conference report on H.R. 4733, the FY 2001 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill was filed the night of September the 27th and passed by the morning of September the 28th. Early reports are that the report:

  • Includes the Senate language on Missouri River operations, which the White House has said is grounds for a veto.

  • Includes a total of $23.6 Billion, $1.8 Billion more than the House bill, $0.6 Billion more than the Senate bill, and $0.8 Billion more than the Budget request.

  • Does not apply any new funds for the CALFED Bay-Delta Program (conflicting reports say $20 Million provided).

  • Includes $781 Million for other Bureau of Reclamation accounts ($51 Million more than the House, $27 Million more than the Senate, and $40 Million more than the request).