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Assistive Technology Accommodations

Vision Accommodations

Braille Embosser - Output device used to produce the raised Braille dots on paper.

Braille Translation- Software used to convert text documents into Braille.

Large Print Keyboard - A quality PC compatible keyboard with bold large print legends for easy use.

Large Monitor - A monitor larger than standard size used to increase character size in proportion to the monitor dimensions.

Optical Character Recognition Reading System - An integrated computer system consisting of a scanner, screen reader, sound card (or voice synthesizer) with software that can convert scanned text into recognizable characters which are read out loud by a synthesized voice.

Reading Machine - Hardware device that combines advanced speech synthesis, intelligent character recognition, and a portable scanner in a portable machine.

Refreshable Braille Display - Output device with Braille cells that dynamically change (refresh) as the user scrolls through an electronic document.

Screen Magnification - Software that enlarges text and graphics on the computer screen.

Screen Reader - Software that provides visual information in audio format for computer users.

Speech Synthesizer - Hardware or Software used to produce audio output for use with screen readers.

Video Magnifier (CCTV)- Hardware device that uses a video camera connected to a computer or a TV monitor to enlarge documents or objects that are placed under the camera.


Mobility Accommodations

Abbreviation Expansion - Software, which allows the use of abbreviations for frequently used words and phrases and for instant speech. Simply type the abbreviation and EZ Keys automatically substitutes it with the complete word or phrase.

Alternative Input Devices - A variety of devices that take the place of a mouse. Examples include, head pointing, eye movement tracking systems and touch sensitive monitor screens.

Alternative Keyboards - A variety of keyboards that take the place of a standard Qwerty keyboard.

On-Screen Keyboards - Software that displays a picture of a keyboard. A user simply points and clicks on the picture of various keys displayed as a keyboard on the computer screen.

Scanning Program - Software that, when used with a switch, a highlight moves over a picture of a keyboard. Select the switch to choose the desired key and the scanning program sends it to the application being used.

Speech Recognition System - Software that, when used with a microphone, allows the computer user to use speech as an alternative input method.

Switches - Input devices that function in an on or off state used to operate a computer by some part of a person's body in which they have control.

Word Macro Program - Software that can execute a series of prerecorded keystrokes to increase input rate.

Word Prediction Program - An input acceleration method, which reduces the keystrokes required by creating a list of possible words from which to choose.

Voice Command and Control - Software similar to speech recognition but is limited to menu-type functions and limited dictation.

Hearing and Speech Accommodations

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) - Small personal electronic devices (transmitter and receiver) used to amplify sounds to help a person hear better. ALD's come in three categories: FM, infrared and wired systems.

Augmentative Communication Devices - A device, which assists speech impaired, or non-verbal individuals with communication through synthesized or recorded speech.

Chat Software - Programs that allow typing of messages back and forth between computer users in real time.

Email - Electronic text messages (mail) sent over a Local Area Network or the Internet.

TTY/TDD Software - A program that allows a computer to be used as a TTY.

TTY or TDD Machines - Hardware devices with a keyboard and display used to communicate over the telephone system by typing text.

Cognitive Accommodations

Scanner - Hardware device that is used to transfer text and color images to your computer for document or web page reading. Used in conjunction with OCR or Text Reader Software (Open Book Ruby Edition or Kurzweil 3000).

Text Reader - Software used with a sound card to read in a synthesized voice the text that is on a computer screen.