Enterprise Infrastructure Division

The Enterprise Infrastructure Division (EID) is located within the Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary, Office of the Chief Information Officer.  The Division’s mission is to provide high quality network, radio and credentialing/collaboration services to the Department and its Bureaus and offices.

Enterprise Services Network (ESN) 

The Enterprise Services Network provides wide area network services that reach over 2,600 DOI locations throughout the United States and Alaska and provides secure intranet and internet connectivity field personnel located in  some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of the country. The Division also operates the Department’s Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) which is the Deparments’s frontline for network security monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, incident response and security coordination with all Bureau security programs.

National Radio and Spectrum Program Management (NRSPMO)

The Division is also home to the National Radio and Spectrum Program Management Office (NRSPMO) which provides services to the Department’s radio user communities. These communities span the gamut from Law Enforcement, Fire, Seismic, Education, etc.  The NRSPMO additionally represents the Department’s interest in the management of federal spectrum, processes over 16,000 frequency assignments yearly as well as supporting the Department of State and the Office of Insular Affairs by providing technical support to the Compact of Freely Associated States.  At the Denver, CO Center, the NRSPMO maintain a state of the art Radio P-25 testing lab as well as overseeing a 500 Million Dollar multi-agency BPA for the acquisition of P-25 certified radio equipment.

Active Directory (AD) Services

The Division is also responsible for the delivery of Active Directory Root Services for the Department’s Active Directory forest. These services also include providing for credentialing integration with HSPD-12 by actively developing and supporting the DOI Access program. The Division also provides collaboration services through its internal and external SharePoint systems and is actively supporting over 600 collaboration portals for the DOI program communities.


  • The EID’s Enterprise Services Network provides wide area network and internet services to some of the most remote field locations in the government. The Educational Native American Network – II provides internet services to 185 kindergarten through grade 12 Indian schools which serves 50,000 Native American Children.  The EID provides for  network and security monitoring on a 24hours a day seven day week basis..
  • The NRSPMO provides management services for the Interior’s use of spectrum for its bureaus as well as supporting 3 compact nations in the south pacific. These are the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau.
  • EID supports network and radio operations in all 50 States. There are 4,000 DOI radio fixed stations in all 50 states as well as law enforcement, firefighters, land management and seismic sensors on the entire west coast and the alluetian islands.
  • The NRSPMO manages 16,000 radio frequency assignments for all Bureau programs and supports yearly wild land fire programs by securing Short Term Assignments for fire suppression operations
  • Point of Contact information - Enterprise Infrastructure Division -  703-648-5555.



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