Department of the Interior Section 508 Contacts

Bureau/Office Contact Name Email Phone Number
Vany Kaiser Vany_Kaiser@ios.doi.gov 202-208-3387
Sid Sharma Siddhartha_Sharma@ios.doi.gov 202-219-0963
BIA David Roberts David.Roberts@bia.gov 703-735-4172
BLM Laura Bell Laura_Bell@blm.gov 202-452-5013
BOR Casey Snyder cgsnyder@usbr.gov 303-445-2048
BOEM/BSEE Robert Garcia Robert.Garcia@boemre.gov 703-787-1067
FWS Lorraine Miller Lorraine_Miller@fws.gov 703-358-2166
NBC Diem Nguyen Diem_D_Nguyen@nbc.gov 703-487-9869
NPS Ann Sulkovsky
(acting POC)
Ann_Sulkovsky@nps.gov 202-354-2083
OIG Gillian Sharpley Gillian_Sharpley@doioig.gov 202-208-3441
OSM Mark Moore
SOL Brenda Wright Brenda.Wright@sol.doi.gov 202-208-7920
USGS David Newman djnewman@usgs.gov 703-648-7196




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