Records Management Policies and Guidance

Document Retention Relating to Trust Management and Individual Indian Money Accounts (8/3/2001)

Directive Regarding Retention of Documents Related to Trust Fund Management and Individual Indian Money Accounts (6/2/1999)

DOI Bulletins

    IRM Bulletin 1997-002
    Standardized Procedures for Email Configuration Management (5/21/2003)

    IRM Bulletin 1997-002
    Department-wide Standards for the Retention of Electronic Mail (E-Mail) "System" Messages and E-Mail System Backup Tapes (5/12/1997)

    IRM Bulletin 1996-06
    Policy and Guidance for Managing the Creation, Retention, and Disposition of Electronic Mail Documents (7/25/1996)

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Bulletins

NARA issues bulletins to Federal agencies to provide guidance and assistance on the management and disposition of Federal records. The first bulletin issued each fiscal year contains a list of the NARA bulletins still in effect. You can access a full listing of NARA records management guidance at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/bulletins/.

2008-02 Protecting Federal records and other documentary materials from unauthorized removal 2/04/2008 2/28/2011
2008-06 Records Storage Facility Standards 8/25/2008 8/31/2011
2008-07 Endorsement of DoD Electronic Records Management Software Applications Design Criteria Standard, version 3 9/10/2008 9/30/2011
2009-02 Guidance concerning managing records in multi-agency environments 6/18/2009 6/20/2012
2009-03 Pre-accessioning permanent electronic records 7/30/2009 7/31/2012

Departmental Manual Chapters

    380 DM 1
    Records Management Program and Responsibilities (10/7/93)

    380 DM 2
    Adequacy of Documentation (7/1/94)

    380 DM 3
    Files Management (5/9/95)

    380 DM 6
    Vital Records Programs (3/11/98)

    380 DM 7
    Forms Management

    382 DM 2
    Mail Management (5/9/95)

    382 DM 3
    Correspondence Management (8/13/87)

    382 DM 5
    Secretarial Correspondence (10/16/84)

    382 DM 11
    Managing Records in Electronic Form (12/9/85)

    384 DM 1

    384 DM 2
    Records Disposition Schedules

    384 DM 3
    Removal or Destruction of Official Records

    384 DM 4
    Transfer of Records

Indian Trust Funds Management-Records Management Guidance

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