XI.    Office of the Solicitor.


Litigation, Appeal and Case Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--1.Categories of individuals covered by the system: Individuals involved in litigation with the United States, or the Department of the Interior, officials or constituent units thereof; individualsinvolved in administrative proceedings before the Department, towhich the Department is a party or in which it has an interest; individuals suspected of violations of criminal and civil statutes orregulations or orders the violation of which carries criminal penalties; individuals who have applied to the Department forpermits, grants or loans; individuals who have appealed to the Officeof the Solicitor from the decisions of other constituent units of theDepartment; individuals involved in negotiations, claims or disputes with the Department; individuals for whom the Department hasperformed legal services.

Claims Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--2.

Categories of individuals covered by the system: Individuals who have filed Tort, Federal Employee, Admiralty or Irrigation claims.

  Patent Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--3.Categories of individuals covered by the system:Inventors of Inventions arising from Government research and development programs; and applicants for Patents, Trademark Registrations, and Copyright Registrations.

Workload Analysis--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--4.

Categories of individuals covered by the system: Attorneys employed in the Office of the Solicitor.

Categories of individuals covered by the system: The system contains the names of individuals and entitiesresponsible for unabated federal violations, unpaid federal civil penalties, or outstanding abandoned mine land reclamation fees (AML fees) arising under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, 30 U.S.C. 1201 et seq. (SMCRA), where the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) has referred the outstanding violation or debt to the Solicitor's Office forlitigation, and the names of individuals or entities who own orcontrol entities responsible for such unabated federal violations,unpaid federal civil penalties, or outstanding AML fees arising under SMCRA. Although the system of records contains information aboutindividuals and entities, only the records about individuals are subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act.