System name: National Research Council Grants Program--Interior, 
     System location: 
       Office of the Chief Geologist, Geologic Division, U.S. Geological 
   Survey, National Center, Mail Stop 912, Reston, Virginia 22092.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: 
       Individuals assigned to U.S. Geological Survey who are considered 
   for grants made through the National Research Council.
     Categories of records in the system: 
       Contains name, address, social security number, date of birth, 
   and marital status of individuals considered for a grant. Records 
   included are: The SF 171 (Application for Federal Employment) for 
   each individual; research proposal; internal memoranda; 
   correspondence between the National Research Council and the 
   applicant; travel requests, if appropriate; and documentation for 
   renewal of assignment, if applicable.
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       43 U.S.C. 31 et seq., 5 U.S.C. 3101
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: 
       The primary use of the records is to evaluate individuals being 
   considered for grants made through the National Research Council. 
   Disclosures outside the Department of the Interior may be made to: 
   (1) The National Research Council for evaluation purposes; (2) The 
   U.S. Department of Justice or in a proceeding before a court or 
   adjudicative body when (a) the United States, the Department of the 
   Interior, a component of the Department, or, when represented by the 
   Government, an employee of the Department is a party to litigation or 
   anticipated litigation or has an interest in such litigation, and (b) 
   the Department of the Interior determines that the disclosure is 
   relevant or necessary to the litigation and is compatible with the 
   purpose for which the records were compiled; (3) Disclose pertinent 
   information to an appropriate Federal, State, local, or foreign 
   agency responsible for investigating, prosecuting, enforcing, or 
   implementing a statute, regulation, rule, or order, where the 
   disclosing agency becomes aware of an indication of a violation or 
   potential violation of civil or criminal law or regulation; (4) A 
   congressional office from the record of an individual in response to 
   an inquiry the individual has made to the congressional office; (5) A 
   Federal agency which has requested information relevant or necessary 
   to its hiring or retention of an employee, or issuance of a security 
   clearance, license, contract, grant or other benefit; and (6) 
   Federal, State or local agencies where necessary to obtain 
   information relevant to the hiring or retention of an employee or the 
   issuance of a security clearance, license, contract, grant or other 
     Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, 
   retaining, and disposing of records in the system: 
       Manual system maintained in files showing data on Research 
   Associates assigned to the Geological Survey under this program.
       Indexed by name:
       Maintained with safeguards meeting the requirements of 43 CFR 
     Retention and disposal: 
       Records are disposed of periodically as prescribed under Bureau 
   Records Disposition Schedule RCS/Item 802-06b and 802-07.
     System manager(s) and address: 
       Human Resources Officer, Geologic Division, U.S. Geological 
   Survey, National Center, Mail Stop 912, Reston, Virginia 22092.
     Systems exempted from certain provisions of the act: 
       Under the specific exemption authority of 5 U.S.C. 552a(k)(5), 
   the Department of the Interior has adopted a regulation (43 CFR 
   2.79(c)(2)) which exempts this system from the provisions of 5 U.S.C. 
   552a(c)(3), (d), (e)(1), (e)(4)(G), (H) and (I), and (f) to the 
   extent that the system consists of investigatory material compiled 
   solely for the purpose of determining suitability, eligibility or 
   qualifications for federal civilian employment. The reasons for 
   adoption of this regulation are set out at 40 FR 37217 (August 26,