#....System name: 
       Contract Files--Interior, USGS-5.
     System location: 
       The primary location of this system of records is in the Office 
   of Acquisition & Federal Assistance, U.S. Geological Survey, National 
   Center, MS-205, Reston, VA 20192. These records are also maintained 
   in several Survey administrative field offices. A listing of these 
   locations may be obtained from the Systems Manager.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: 
       Individuals who have contracts or subcontracts with the 
   Geological Survey and certain contractor employees. The system also 
   contains records concerning individuals in their entrepreneurial 
   capacity, corporations and other business entities. These records are 
   not subject to the Privacy Act.
     Categories of records in the system: 
       Records of contract information, from inception of requirement, 
   through contract award, contract administration and completion of the 
   contract. Copies of contractor technical and cost proposals, 
   including individual employee resumes and salary data, documentation 
   pertaining to the award, contract administration, miscellaneous 
   correspondence, and information on debts owed by a contractor as a 
   result of overpayment, default, disallowed costs or other contractual 
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       40 U.S.C. 481.
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purpose of such uses:
       The primary use of the records is in awarding and administering 
   contracts through their completion. Disclosure outside the Department 
   of the Interior may be made to: (1) The U.S. Department of Justice or 
   in a proceeding before a court or adjudicative body when (a) the 
   United States, the Department of the Interior, a component of the 
   Department or, when represented by the Government, an employee of the 
   Department is a party to litigation or anticipated litigation or has 
   an interest in such litigation, and (b) the Department of the 
   Interior determines that the disclosure is relevant or necessary to 
   the litigation and is compatible with the purpose for which the 
   records were compiled; (2) disclose pertinent information to an 
   appropriate Federal, State, local, or foreign agency responsible for 
   investigating, prosecuting, enforcing, or implementing a statute, 
   regulation, rule, or order, where the disclosing agency becomes aware 
   of an indication of a violation or potential violation of civil or 
   criminal law or regulation; (3) a congressional office from the 
   record of an individual in response to an inquiry the individual has 
   made to the congressional office; (4) a Federal agency which has 
   requested information relevant or necessary to its hiring or 
   retention of an employee, or the issuance of a security clearance, 
   license, contract, grant or other benefit; (5) Federal, State or 
   local agencies where necessary to obtain information relevant to the 
   hiring or retention of an employee; or the issuance of a security 
   clearance, license, contract, grant or other benefit.
   Disclosure to consumer reporting agencies:
       Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(b)(12), disclosures may be able to a 
   consumer reporting agency as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act 
   (15 U.S.C. 1681a(f)) or the Federal Claims Collection Act of 1966 (31 
   U.S.C. 3701(a)(3)).
     Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, 
   retaining, and disposing of records in the system:  
       Maintained in manual form in file folders.
       By name of individual contractor and by contract number.
       Maintained with safeguards meeting the requirements of 43 CFR 
   2.51 for manual records.
     Retention and disposal: 
       Retained and disposed of according to Bureau Records Disposition 
   Schedule, RCS/Item 802-01.
     System manager(s) and address: 
       Chief, Office of Acquisition & Federal Assistance, U.S. 
   Geological Survey, National Center, MS-205, Reston, Virginia 20192.
     Notification procedure: 
       A written and signed request stating that the requester seeks 
   information concerning records pertaining to him/her must be 
   addressed to the System Manager. See 43 CFR 2.60.
     Record access procedures: 
       Requests for access shall be addressed to the System Manager, 
   signed by the requester and meet the content requirement of 43 CFR 
     Contesting record procedures: 
       A petition for amendment shall be addressed to the System Manager 
   and meet the requirements of 43 CFR 2.71.
     Record source categories: 
       Information comes from the individual contractor.
     System exempted from certain provisions of the act: