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This site provides the most current "OFFICIAL" version of the Departmental (DI), Standard (SF) Optional (OF) forms and other forms. As more forms are developed electronically, they will be added to this website and available for your use. Please feel free to download or printout any of the forms you may need. Many of the forms below are in fillable .PDF formats.*

If you have questions concerning the forms, simply contact the Departmental Forms Manager, or your Bureau Forms Manager whose telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are available under Forms Management Contacts.


*PLEASE NOTE: You can fill and print the fillable pdf forms, however, you cannot save them unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 or higher. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be downloaded and installed on your machine to view .PDF formatted files.

Other forms websites include: the FWS Forms site, OPM's Forms site, GSA's Forms site.

PDF fillable
Printing, Binding and Distribution Request
PDF fillable
Receiving Report
PDF fillable
Report of Survey
PDF fillable
Certificate of Unserviceable Property
PDF fillable
Transfer of Property
PDF fillable
Receipt of Property
Report of Accident RPT
Release of Claim
Requisition for Press Release
Clearance Record
Confidential Statement of Employment And Financial Interest (suppl.SF-278)
Approval of Expert or Consultant Employment Request
PDF fillable
Award Certification
Apportionment and Allotment Schedule Transmittal
Activity Allotment Program
Revision of Activity of Project Allotments
PDF fillable
DOI Route Slip
PDF fillable
Audiovisual Authorization Request
PDF fillable
Exhibit Production Authorization Request
Position Classifications Amendment
PDF fillable
Travel Authorization
PDF fillable
Bill for Collection
Foreign Travel Certification
PDF fillable
Report of Invention
Report Invention Rights Questionnaire
Application for Parking Permit

DI 1871

Justification for New or Replacement Housing

DI 1872

Certificate of Required Occupancy

DI 1873

Private Rental Market Housing Comparable

DI 1874

Monthly Base Rental Rate Report ,Government Furnished Housing
DI 1875 Instructions and
DI 1875 Form
Government Housing Inventory Form and Instructions

DI 1876

Isolation Adjustment

DI 1878

Excessive Heating/Cooling Deduction

DI 1879

Housing Occupancy/Vacancy Inspection

DI 1880

Rent Computation Schedule

DI 1881

Quarters Assignment Agreement

DI 1882

Notice of Rental Adjustment
Acquisition Screening and Review Form ($25,000 and Over)
Complaint of Discrimination
Personnel Security Action Request
Foreign Residence Form
Applicant Background Survey

DI-1941 (8/2005)

DI-1941-Part1 (rev. 1/2008)

DI-1941-Part2 (rev. 1/2008)

Authorization To Destroy Non-Classified/Non-Indian Trust Material
Position Designation Record
Federal Assistance Award Data System Reporting
Supplement to SF-450 (Financial Disclosure Report)
Report of Payment Accepted from a Non-Federal Source
Certification Regarding Debarment. Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters, Drug-Free Workplace Requirements and Lobbying
PDF fillable
DI-2011 Special Instructions and Performance Agreement and Appraisal SES Form
PDF fillable
Department of the Interior Senior Professionals (SL/ST)
Performance Agreement and Appraisal Instructions
Employee Performance Appraisal Plan
Supervisory Employee Performance Appraisal Plan
Copy Work Obtained From A Commercial Source
Notice of Potential Hazard in Museum Collections
IHAT Request Form
PDF fillable and saveable
Emergency Management Reporting Situation Report
PDF fillable and saveable
Emergency Management Reporting Spot Report
PDF fillable
Request To Move Records And Chain Of Custody
PDF fillable and saveable
DOI Telework Agreement
Donor Certification Form
PDF fillable and saveable
Denial or Termination of a Telework Agreement

PDF fillable

Disclosure Accounting Form Privacy Act Records
PDF fillable
Inter/Intra-Agency Travel Agreement (ITA)
Employee Exit Clearance Form and Records Management Clearance Form
NBC-TSD Certification Information Technology Systems
NBC-103-TSD Security Question Form
NBC Rules of Behavior - OS and NBC Users of Information Technology Resources
NBC-20-TSD System Access Request Form
NBC DC LAN Checkout Form
NBC Denver Computer Access Termination Form

OS 2000

Private Rental Survey - Houses-Apartments-Mobile Homes

OS 2001

Private Rental Survey - Trailer Spaces
Additional Software Installation Request
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