small bird graphic  Adaptive Management Documents

bullet Departmental Manual Part 522, Chapter 1 (PDF 3 pages)

bullet Adaptive Management Technical Guide PDF (Full version, 36 MB, 86 pages)

The following parts of the Technical Guide have been stripped of most of the background images for ease of printing.
Opening Pages (PDF 3 pages)
Preface (PDF 1 page)
Executive Summary (PDF1 page)
Problem-Scoping Key for Adaptive Management (PDF 1 page)
Chapter 1 (PDF 7 pages)
Chapter 2 (PDF 11 pages)
Chapter 3 (PDF 27 pages)
Chapter 4 (PDF 9 pages)
Chapter 5 (PDF 6 pages)
Concluding Remarks (PDF 1 page)
References (PDF 5 pages)
Key Terms (PDF 2 pages)

bullet Handout (10 page PDF) used during the AM Overview & Orientation broadcast training