Waste Reduction & Recycling


The resources below cover a number of various categories associated with solid waste management practices. The categories include DOI Programs/Guidelines/Best Management Practices; Environmental Management Systems; Federal Green Challenge; General Resources; Government Property Management; Having Trouble Figuring out Where to Recycle Something; Leases; Materials Exchanges; Resource Conservation Challenge; Sustainable Materials Management Program; and WasteWise. These resources are intended to target a variety of solid waste management topics in order to increase diversion rates across the Department.

DOI Programs/Guidelines/Best Management Practices

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Environmental Management Systems

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Federal Green Challenge

  • Federal Green Challenge logoThe Federal Green Challenge is a voluntary partnership program challenging federal agencies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 5% in a year by managing their electronics, energy, purchasing, transportation, waste, and water.
  • Federal Green Challenge-Waste.
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General Resources

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Government Property Management

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Having Trouble Figuring Out Where to Recycle Something?

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Note: If you are in a leased building, some of the resources below may be helpful to you.

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Materials Exchanges

Materials Exchanges are markets for buying and selling reusable and recyclable commodities - coordinated by state governments, local governments, for-profits businesses.

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Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC)

Note: The EPA is in the process of replacing the Resource Conservation Challenge with the Sustainable Materials Management program.

The Resource Conservation Challenge is “a national effort to conserve natural resources and energy by managing materials more efficiently…. The RCC consists of numerous partnerships and collaborations with federal, state, local, and tribal governments; industry organizations; businesses and corporations; and individual citizens. It is through these partnerships that you can get involved and make a difference.”

The EPA has RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Training at your Desktop. Under the training link, the Sustainable Materials Management (formerly known as the Resource Conservation Challenge) Web Academy appears to be a particularly helpful training source to get new ideas on reusing, reducing and recycling and to find out what works and what does not work. 

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Sustainable Materials Management Program

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WasteWise Logo from EPA: WasteWise Program.

WasteWise is a free EPA partnership program through which governments, businesses and non-profit organizations can find methods to reduce municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes.  WasteWise uses a number of techniques to encourage the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste.  Organizations can join WasteWise as a partner, endorser, or both depending on the goal of the organization.

Benefits of joining WasteWise include:

  • Free technical assistance
  • Access to web-based data management tracking tool (WasteWise Re-TRAC)
  • Opportunity to receive WasteWise Awards that recognize outstanding achievements
  • Public recognition in WasteWise publications, case studies, and meetings
  • Annual Climate Profile (PDF) (2 pp, 2.1MB, about PDF) describing greenhouse gas reduction
  • Reduced purchasing and waste disposal costs

Other WasteWise Resources

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