Building 67, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colorado

U.S. Dept. of Interior
Bureau of Reclamation
Denver Federal Center-Building 67
Denver, CO

The Bureau of Reclamation, the General Services Administration (GSA), FEMP, and the Environmental Protection Agency entered into a partnership with Denver Water, a local water utility, and several water-conservation technology manufacturers to learn more about high-efficient water-use technologies. The site, Building 67 at the 14-story Denver Federal Center, was chosen because it represents a typical Federal office building. Building 67 has also been designated a Federal Energy Saver Showcase by the Bureau of Reclamation and GSA because it has high visibility in the community, and it is in an area where water efficiency is quickly becoming an economic issue.

The partners formed a cooperative research and development agreement to allow these emerging technologies to be installed at no cost to the Federal government. The technologies include:

Ultra-low flow wall-hung toilets with 1.3 gallons of water per flush Non-water using urinals that would completely eliminate water use Sensored lavatories that reduce water use as well as the electricity to heat the water Irrigation controls for the surrounding land, to complement the landscaping principles that had already been adopted.

Occupant satisfaction and comfort with the new equipment are being monitored and signs were posted to alert occupants to be candid about reporting maintenance issues or dissatisfaction.

Although quantitative data are not yet available, preliminary estimates show that if all sinks, toilets, and urinals in the 14-story office building were retrofitted, nearly 3 million gallons (50%) of the water used could be saved each year.

Energy savings are as a result of the water reduction, i.e. waste water treatment, pumping, and hot water reduction. The cost savings in water and related energy use should more than offset the cost to do future retrofit projects at this site.


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