White House Closing the Circle Awards

The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive (OFEE) has administered the White House Closing the Circle Awards (CTC) since 1993. Under the auspices of EO 13423, the CTC award recognizes successful projects that are examples for other Federal facilities to follow.

The CTC award recognizes Federal employees and Federal teams. Partnerships between Federal facilities or Federal employees and non-Federal entities, such as surrounding local communities and non-profit organizations, are also considered. One difference between the CTC and the EAA is that there is no "cooperator or contractor" category for the CTC award.

The CTC awards typically have seven award categories that reflect OFEE's vision of how Federal agencies should create and operate their environmental programs. The award categories are: waste/pollution prevention, recycling, environmental management systems, sustainable design/green buildings, and green purchasing.

Please see more information about DOI's CTC recipients in the left-hand frame.

Only past DOI Environmental Achievement Award recipients and honorable mentions (DOI EAA) are eligible for the 2009 CTC Awards by Interior's Agency Environmental Executive.


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