NPS Concession Environmental Management Program

NPS, Contracting for Environmental Success

The National Park Service (NPS) Concession Environmental Management Program (CoEMP), until now, has been an unsung environmental hero. The program manages contracts for NPS concessioners and incorporates environmental goals into the contracts. The CoEMP demonstrates that it is not only possible to ďgreenĒ contracted relationships within the Federal government, but that it is possible to create win-win situations for the NPS and concessioners alike. The CoEMP also shows that even with limited resources and staffing, employees can increase awareness and accountability in environmental regulatory compliance, best management practices, and environmental management systems. Modeling Secretary Nortonís 4 Cís, communication, consultation, and cooperation, all in the service of conservation, the CoEMP creates a culture where concessioners and park staff embrace the benefits of proactive environmental management and integrate the concept intosuccessful business models.

From left to right: Jim Poole, Kurt Rausch, Wendy Berhman, Greg Kimmitt, Jo Pendry

From left to right: Jim Poole, Kurt Rausch, Wendy Berhman, Greg Kimmitt, Jo Pendry

In a few short years, the CoEMP has made a tremendous contribution to DOIís environmental stewardship. Bureaus such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Reclamation are looking to the CoEMP for advice and assistance in managing their concession programs.

Project Point of Contact
Wendy Berhman, Program Leader
Concession Environmental Management Program, Denver, CO
National Park Service
Phone: 303-987-6913, Email: Wendy_Berhman@nps.gov

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