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America's Great Outdoors

Students Learn to Use Binoculars  Children having fun at the seashore  Successful_fishermen_in_boat (1)

Photos:  George Gentry/USFWS;  Steve Hillebrand/USFWS; Steve Hillebrand/USFWS

Building Community Resilience through Blueways

  • Sustainable Economies

Outdoor recreation results in $646 billion in direct consumer spending each year. Learn more here

  • Health and Well Being
Access to open space and parks is directly correlated to increased activity.The National Blueways System encourages communities to develop and expand recreational opportunities for their citizens. Learn more here.
  • Reducing Flood Damage

Flooding is our most common natural disaster, causing more than $2 billion of damages each year.By restoring the natural functions of wetlands and floodplains, we can take action to lessen the damage caused by these extreme events. Learn more here.

  • Clean Water

Forests, marshes and floodplains are nature's tools for cleaning water.An EPA study of 27 major U.S. water supplies showed that protecting forests across a watershed significantly reduced capital, operational and maintenance costs for drinking water treatment. Learn more here.

  • Environmental Education

The National Blueways System can become a pathway for a more scientifically literate, engaged, and stewardship-minded citizenry. Learn more here

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