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America's Great Outdoors

All American Rivers

From the Kenai River in Alaska to the James River in Virginia, a total of 51 river projects serve as models for conserving rivers across the nation, expanding outdoor recreational opportunities, and supporting jobs in local communities. In addition, with one in every state and the District of Columbia, these projects will aim to take advantage of federal leadership, expertise, and capabilities to advance local river conservation and recreation efforts. 

These projects have one or both of the following goals:

1. Connect Communities and People to their Rivers-- projects that improve recreational access and connect communities to nearby rivers, or build appreciation and recreational use of community rivers through education and community outreach
2. Restore Rivers through Collaboration-- projects that physically restore native fisheries, fish passage, natural flow regimes, water quality, and riparian systems 


To read more about the individual work of our 51 projects, click here.
To view an interactive map with our projects, click here.


Wabash River
                                                                                          Wabash River, Healthy Rivers Initiative, Indiana.