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Celebrating the Civilian Conservation Corps

Celebrating the Civilian Conservation Corps


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On a recent cool, crisp spring morning in the mountains of Virginia, the Boy Scouts of America Troop 88 followed in the footsteps of the first “boys” of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the CCC.

The first CCC camp, Camp Roosevelt, was established April 17, 1933 at the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Over time, the forest had 14 camps.

The forest was celebrating the Civilian Conservation Corps’ 80th anniversary by inviting the scouts, missionaries, and Forest Service employees to participate in stewardship projects around an old CCC camp.

Volunteers Westin Yardley and Ethan Richins said this was their first time participating in the clean-up.

“We cleaned out the fire pits, cleared off the trails from debris, and did some leaf blowing,” said Yardley.

Other stewardship projects included re-posting interpretative signs, which included pictures of what the camp looked like in the 1930s and snippets of history about the camp. The interpretative signs were financed by one of the Civilian Conservation Corps members.

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