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Interagency Working Group on Alaska Energy

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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects

Overview of agency mission and activities

The Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects (OFC) was established by Congress in 2004 to expedite and coordinate federal permitting and construction of a pipeline and enhance transparency and predictability of the federal regulatory system to deliver natural gas from the Arctic to American markets. The OFC coordinates with over 20 federal agencies, the Canadian federal government, the State of Alaska (which leases all the known natural gas reserves and owns portions of the right of way), tribal governments and other stakeholders.

Primary relevant mandates

Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act: Establishes an independent, executive branch Office of the Federal Coordinator to coordinate the expeditious discharge of federal agency activities related to an Alaska natural gas transportation project. ANGPA charged the federal coordinator with: 1) Coordinating the expeditious discharge of all activities by all federal agencies with respect to an Alaska natural gas pipeline; 2) ensuring that all federal agencies comply with ANGPA; 3) prohibiting federal agencies from imposing permit conditions that will prevent or delay expeditious construction of the project unless required by law; the act directs the Federal Coordinator to determine whether a term or condition will prevent or delay the expeditious construction of the project; and 4) participating with the State of Alaska in a joint construction surveillance and monitoring agreement. In addition, Congress transferred to the Federal Coordinator all of the responsibilities and authorities of the Federal Inspector under the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act.  These responsibilities will be applicable if the ANGTS gas line is completed or if the 1980s' prebuilt sections are expanded or modified to handle Alaska gas.

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