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WaterSMART Program

WaterSMART is a program of the Department of the Interior that focuses on improving water conservation and helping water-resource managers make sound decisions about water use. The Program provides leadership by identifying strategies to ensure that this and future generations will have sufficient supplies of clean water for drinking, economic activities, recreation, and ecosystem health. Additionally, the Program identifies adaptive measures to address climate change and its impact on future water demands.   Press Release  |  WaterSMART Order

The WaterSMART Program also coordinates with the Department’s Task Force on Energy and the Climate Change and Climate Change Response Council, working with regional Climate Science Centers and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives to ensure sustainable water strategies in field offices of the Department’s bureaus and agencies.

WaterSMART Clearinghouse

The WaterSMART Clearinghouse helps the Department provide leadership and assistance to State and local governments, tribal nations, and other entities involved in water conservation and sustainable water strategies. The Clearinghouse brings these stakeholders together to identify best practices and cost-effective technologies for water information collection, analysis, and delivery that will be essential in addressing global water issues in the 21st century.