National Park Service staff assess damage in historic New Orleans for a GIS survey following Hurricane Katrina  Photo:NPS CRGIS

Emergency Support Function #11 for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Resources and Historic Properties (ESF #11 NCH) is part of the disaster response plan of the United States Government entitled the National Response Framework. The capabilities described in ESF #11 NCH helps protect natural and cultural resources and historic properties in times of declared disaster. We aid State, Tribal, Territorial, and local authorities, and indirectly aid individuals and cultural institutions in responding to emergencies that could impact their NCH resources. The United States Department of the Interior, in conjunction with our federal and non-governmental partners, manages the planning and response capabilities of ESF #11 NCH. We offer advice and guidance on preparedness and emergency response for NCH resources.

Assessing damage to archival collections following flooding from Hurricane Katrina

This site identifies the type of work undertaken by ESF #11 NCH when working through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It identifies how State, Tribal, and Territorial Governments can request aid from us to safeguard their cultural and natural resources in times of declared disaster.

This site has links to our partner organizations and support agencies which have valuable information that can aid cultural institutions, individuals, and home owners in safeguarding their NCH resources, as well as offering technical advice on steps to take once a resource has been compromised by disaster.

Monitoring a flood gauge after heavy rain.

This website will present you with valuable information about ESF #11 NCH, our support agencies and partner groups, and how to prepare for and respond to future disasters.

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Protecting America's Natural & Cultural Resources and Historic Properties During Disasters
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