Of the NISC members’ departments, USDA devotes the greatest amount of resources to invasive species work. Within the USDA, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), USDA Forest Service (FS), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service (CSREES), Farm Service Administration (FSA), and the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) have a broad spectrum of roles in invasive species prevention, science, and management. APHIS is the primary USDA agency charged with preventing invasive species from entering the country.  APHIS can prohibit, inspect, treat, quarantine, or require mitigation measures prior to allowing entry of plant species, plant pests, biological control organisms, animals, animal products and by-products, or their host commodities or conveyances. APHIS is involved with overseas control and eradication of some invasive pest species. APHIS also regulates the importation/exportation of veterinary biological products intended to treat animal disease. ARS and CSREES conduct and support research concerning invasive species.  USFS manages 193 million acre national forest and grass lands system, provides assistance to State and private sector land owners, and conducts invasive species research. NRCS with FSA aids in invasive species efforts through their cost-share and conservation technical assistance programs. The FAS provides invasive species technical assistance to foreign countries.