DOD manages over 25 million acres of lands within military installations.  DoD controls and manages invasive species in accordance with individual plans governing each installation or base.  The goals of DoD’s Invasive Species Management Program are prevention, control o invasive species on military installations, and restoration using native plants. The U.S. Army Environmental Center and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has a number of control programs, and is authorized to implement a 50/50 Federal/local cost arrangement with State and local governments for managing nuisance aquatic plants in waterways not under the control of USACE or other Federal agencies. USACE also has a number of research programs focused on invasive species. DoD actively supports research, education, and policy development in such areas as ballast water and aquatic weed management, and military quarantine. The DoD established and maintains a safe, effective, and environmentally sound integrated pest management program to prevent or control disease vectors and pests that may adversely impact military readiness or operations.  The Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB) coordinates DoD pest management programs and produces information primarily for troops overseas.  Technical Guide 31, Contingency Retrograde Washdowns: Cleaning and Inspection Procedures, 2008 provides guidance for washdowns that are required for incoming ships, aircraft, and equipment returning from overseas ships, aircraft, and equipment from OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) locations.  The AFPMB web-site has information and resources primarily related to insect vectors of disease.